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Battery and Power Options

You can customise your tennis ball machine to suit your power requirements with the four options outlined below.  We sell all the power options separately so you can configure your machine to suit you.

Power Options Overview

  1. Internal Battery - Standard configuration. Battery sits inside the machine. 2-3 hours of use before needing recharge.

  2. External Battery Module - Battery sits outside the machine in pouch provided. Good configuration if using multiple batteries for extended playing time.

  3. Mains Power Module - Good configuration if you have access to power on your court.

  4. Mains & Battery Hybrid Module - Best configuration for using both mains power if available or the option to switch to battery if needed.  

Option 1 : Internal Battery (Standard Configuration)

This is the standard configuration for our machines.  You should get between 2-3 hours of play from a fully charged battery.  

Lite & Pro Machine Battery
Plus & Player Machine Battery 

The battery sits inside the machine's power cage behind a removable plate as pictured below.

The battery can be accessed by unscrewing the plate (and removing the wheel).  You wont have to access the battery for normal operation of the machine, this is only necessary if you are replacing the battery (or swapping the machines power module post purchase).


Option 2 : External Battery Module

If you want to use multiple batteries (when you want to use the machine for longer than 2 hours straight) then the external battery module is a good economical option for extending the playing time of your machine.

The battery sits outside the machine in a zip close pouch and is connected to the machine via a cable.  Charge up the additional battery whilst you play and when the first battery runs out just open the bag, disconnect the two battery wires and connect the new battery - easy!

View the External Battery Module

Option 3 : Mains Power Module

If you have a power supply on or near your court this is the most cost effective option.  Just plug the machines power cable into a nearby power socket and play all day!

View Mains Power Module



Option 4 : Hybrid Mains and Battery Module

This is our most advanced configuration. You can make use of both external batteries and a mains power source. This provides complete peace of mind, allowing you to draw energy from a mains power when available, or switch instantly to battery if you need to.

View Hybrid Mains and Battery Module